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A World Cultural Center - AWCC

There is a strong need for a peaceful and healthy world. Starting with one community at a time, A World Cultural Center (AWCC) provides people access to healthy and peaceful living in the form of exercises, healthy nutrition, and friendly forums.

We encourage people from different races, beliefs, sexual orientations, and different political views to come together to do exercises and share their knowledge, beliefs, and cultures with each other.

Cultural Diversity

AWCC believes that people need to work together cooperatively to achieve healthy balance, respect, and acceptance of each other. People are different so that they can complement each other to achieve balance in our world.

AWCC wants people that cannot afford gym fees to have a choice, at least once a week, to come to an AWCC center to exercise without thinking about cost, but about the fun they will have to achieve wellness.

AWCC will position itself as a happy place where people can come and feel love and happiness of being alive and belonging to a community of caring people.

AWCC believes in its success because its activities will promote healthy living, which invariably lower medical costs, and sharing of cultural knowledge will encourage dialogue, acceptance of differences, and compassion among people in our local communities. Ultimately the center will grow globally enabling peaceful relations around the world.


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